Thursday, March 1, 2012

Who needs a band?

Ok, so to answer the question posed in the title of this post.....I do.

I love to play music, and like many other musicians that music really comes to life and takes form when everyone is a part of the writing process and playing in their contribution. That's the idea of an ensemble. And most people need that to make great music.

Most people.

But not Andrew Bird.

All he needs is several looping pedals, a violin, a guitar and the ability to whistle with such haunting beauty that the Earth slows it rotation momentarily to make sure as many people as possibly catch it.

The following mathematical relationship should clear it up:
Andrew Bird's Whistle > A newborn baby Eskimo-kissing a puppy in a bed of Begonias

As you watch this, do not attempt to adjust your Youtube - he is playing and recording everything you hear. One man. A universe of sound.

So prepare to enter a world of aural bliss for the next 7:22 (times however many times you watch it on repeat).

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