Friday, September 30, 2011

Eat your veggies. Listen to Two Door Cinema Club.

Sorry, didn't mean to hit you with two pearls of wisdom right off the bat......well, actually..I did.

Both are extremely important and 3-5 servings a day are recommended. But it's probably easier to do the latter, so we'll start there.

What do you get when you mix vocal clarity that Ben Gibbard would envy, dance-rock drums that make Franz Ferdinand shake in their kilts, and bass that makes my head bob n' shake like no seizure could hope to?

I'll give you a clue: I'm not talking about broccoli.

Like a delicious stir-fry, Two Door Cinema Club takes these ingredients and blends them into one hell of a debut.

Is the production as slick as the dialogue in an Ocean's 11-13 movie? Yes.
Does this self-titled tour de force push you four-on-the-floor from start to finish? You betcha.
Do I hear any negatives? Don't think so.

On that note, enjoy their first single, "What You Know" while you find the quickest way to obtain their album and integrate it into your daily music consumption.

And oh yeah.....start eating your greens.

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