Sunday, September 11, 2011

Work Hard, Rock Hard & Have Fun.

Hey all. Hope you've been enjoying the song o' the day sort of posts....been dipping the ladle into the nostalgia pot and serving up some awesome tunes. Thanks Dave.

This one's a little bit of an update on the present state of PMS. We have been lucky enough to cross paths with drummer/entrepreneur/scene reviver, Shawn. That's a pretty long title, so we'll just stick to "Mr. Detroit".

Hot off a couple of excellent writing/practice sessions at Shawn's place of business, Groovebox Studios, we're psyched to have found a new home. Nestled right in the art epicenter of Detroit, The Russell, it's been an awesome creative space to really get things cooking. And we have been whipping up quite the batch of fresh, tasty tunes for your consumption.

For those of you following along at home, it's a simple recipe:
1 part pop
1 part rock
2 scoops love songs
1 TB of technology references
3 heaps of wit
1 crapton of caffeine

Let bake at 475 degrees for not too long and we'll be serving it up at a show near you.

I can already anticipate questions about where to get a "crapton" of caffeine. I would naturally start with Vitamin Java as a base and then work in whatever other energy drink/pop mix tickles your fancy.

We prefer Faygo. See ya soon.

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