Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our Musical Style

When people find out about our band, they always ask us the same question....

"Which band member gets the most Valentines?"

What an absurd, immature question to ask. (It's me, BTW)

The next question they ask, "What do you guys sound like?"

Defining your musical style, can be like trying to describe the consistency of Jello to an alien. Unless Bill Cosby has started an interplanetary campaign I'm unaware of, it would be pretty difficult. Easier to just give the poor Martian some Jigglers.

So I could stumble over adjectives, and dissect our music into obscure indie music and 1970's unknowns references, but instead I stumbled across this video online that is dead on. We all do something like this.

So I'm having an instant guilt reflex here.....I have a confession......I tricked you. While John Gomm's music is extremely cool/amazing/out-of-this-world just like ours, it doesn't bare any resemblance stylistically. I guess, much like the Jello Paradox, you'll just have to come out to our next show and enjoy a tasty, jiggly square of our music. Call ahead....I'll bake up a batch.

To make up for my deception, here's a bonus:

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  1. And here I thought I would finally have a way to answer that question when people ask me about you guys. Thanks for getting my hopes up!!!