Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's short. It's fun. It's Pop.

But that doesn't make it bad.

I hate the idea that simply because something isn't sad/brooding/inaccessible/indie that it has no artistic merit. A well-crafted, engaging pop song is just as hard to write as any avant-garde, indie wet dream. Now "Pop" can cover a lot of territory, so let me clarify:

I'm not talking about Katy Perry.

That isn't good. It's awwwwwwesome (still haven't found the sarcasm font).

But why are we here today, class? To talk about Papa.

No, not in the Freudian sense - the project spearheaded by Girls' drummer, Darren Weiss. Each instrument maintaining it's own idiosyncratic little space, the group pumps out a solid, 5-song dance-along with no room for duds.

From atmospheric guitars to more poppy 80's-esque bouncing lines to straight ahead strummers, each song is tied together by Weiss' earnest voice and driving drums.

So if any of these descriptors are working for you....or you're just curious, check out Papa's EP, "A Good Woman Is Hard To Find."

You know what else is hard to find? Good music. But don't worry.

Search no further.

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