Friday, February 24, 2012

Album review: Dinosaur Jr. 'Beyond'

It's well-known around these parts that I have a special affection for J Mascis and his defining gig, Dinosaur Jr.

This is definitely a bias review, but none of it's truth is lost to that disclaimer.

"Beyond" was released in 2007, 10 years since its predecessor -- "Hand It Over" -- in the band's discography.

What changed in those 10 years? Well, it's pretty well spelled-out in "Beyond": A whole lotta nothing -- just what we wanted.

The band was not about to fade into the indie rock HOF without blowing everyone's ears to pieces at least one or two more times.

No, you don't need to listen to the albums leading up to "Beyond." In fact, the reason I like it so much is because it represents a solid introduction to the band. The album captures the loud guitar riffs and catchy melodies that Dinosaur Jr. is. It also showcases the power of Mascis's song writing ability and unique geek voice.

It deserves a listen.

All bias aside.

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